The mockingjay.


You will die of cuteness overdose once you see this.

To the bitches who talk back to teachers and think they’re the shit when they really aren’t
I can just imagine myself watching Catching Fire and fangirling when Finnick comes along with his sugar cubes and sexiness



And when he is in his underwear, and says ‘why, do you find this….distracting?’:

And when he does mouth to mouth with Peeta:

And if they don’t include his best lines from the books:

And if Frances lawrence fucks it up

I don’t know what to do when I’m bored and avoiding homework…


I’ll just watch The Hunger Games again and obsess over my love

How I look when people annoy me


I pride myself on my maturity.

Reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay over again because I’m a boss.